What we offer our WE-Being community

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At WE-Being we have a variety of offerings for our community. They are designed to make your WE-Being experience richer and more enjoyable. All have wellbeing at the core of them. They are available to enrich your learning and overall wellbeing whilst you are a part of our community.


Connection is such an important part of well-being. We know that having social connections in your life can increase feelings of happiness and self worth. Connecting with others is an important part of well-being. With that in mind we created We-Connect.

We-Connect is a free thirty-minute facilitated online session. It is all about getting together with like-minded people and taking the time to really check in with where you are at. It’s a welcome and orientation for our new members. A dedicated space and time for any of our community members wanting to connect and share with our dedicated Community Manager. We find that participants connect with each other during the session and also reconnect with themselves.


Co-working spaces have a real focus on collaborating, networking and community. These align with the focus of WE-Being. We-Cowork is a dedicated hour per week lead by our Community Manager who facilitates members of our community working together.

This is a space to co-work online with other creators and like minded souls. Being a small business owner/solopreneur can feel isolating. We-Cowork is an opportunity to tap into the momentum of moving through a task or two and cocreating with others. The session goes for an hour. It begins with a brief check in and grounding exercise at the start and then a re-check in at the end. We find that participants are often able to get into whatever task they bring to the session.

The Co-work space is always open and available so anyone in community can Co-work at any time.


Upskill is focused on whole being learning and development. We are a conscious learning company. Our Upskill courses provide whole being and needs-based learning and support for Creators and Leaders. We offer self accessible holistic needs assessment and affordable skill short courses. We tailor our support to skill implementation and self-evidenced based measurement. Our products and services exist to offer skill development with ease for those taking care of their well-being.

All the modules are easy to follow and do at your own pace. We support and nurture you through your learning with a step by step process. Satisfaction is at the centre of everything we do and we believe that your satisfaction is our satisfaction. We are here to support you and do whatever it takes to help you find the next steps on your journey.

Image by Avel Chuklanov - Unsplash


Our blog Voices is written by our Creators and members of our WE-Being community. Each blog provides learning and inspiration about well-being and self discovery. The blogs provide snippets of the learnings from Upskill which inspire you to live and work in the ideal way for you. The offer inspiration from our team and are the real life voices of our WE-Being community.

Supporting our community as whole beings as they consciously learn and grow is an integral part of our business. Are you wanting to learn more about taking care of your wellbeing both personally and in business? Come over and join us in community now - we can’t wait to meet you!