Well-being at work

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Well-being at work is a concept that many haven’t really thought about. It is central to our work at WE-Being. We believe that incorporating well-being into work creates greater experiences of ease and freedom through your work.

When considering your well-being at work there are three key areas to consider

Awareness of the way you are working

When it comes to well-being at work, having awareness about the way that you're working is an important piece. The more you understand and are aware how you are actually working the more space there is to make change so that you can do more and have more vitality. This in turn will give you more space to be present for those you love in your life.

The effects of the way you are working

Reflect on the way you are working and the effects that is having on how you work.

For example, If you're working with a chaotic mind or stressing as you jump from one task to the next. If you are working in this constant state of pressure and manic-ness then it will affect your health and impact your vitality.

On the other hand if you work with a sense of calm and purposefulness, or with a sense that you’re working on something that has a larger cause then it will fuel your well-being and vitality. If you are working in a way that works to your strengths in will add to your well-being. Taking the time to refresh yourself and connect with others increases your vitality.

When you take the time to increase your vitality and improve your well-being you are able to increase your capacity. It gives you the space and energy to increase the way you show up and how you can offer assistance to your work and the organisations you work for.

What is it creating more of for you?

Are you perpetuating crisis? Or are you creating calm and amplifying more of either of the same of these?

The more you work in crisis mode the more you create opportunities to be in a crisis and live in a stress state. You will feel this sense of crisis or panic and confusion in all of your work.

If you work in a sense of calm then you are working a sense of ease. This creates more of the same. Having a calm mind helps you to move from one task to the other with a sense of ease. This also helps you when pressure is applied. You are able to take a step back to regain that sense of calm when completing the task.

Noticing what your emotional state is creating for you and your work is the first step to creating change in the way that you approach your work. Thinking about how you can improve your emotional state and what you need in order to feel calm and increase your well-being can change your work and your life. If this is of interest to you I encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have more tips and insights on how to work with ease and joy.

We all have different work styles - working with well-being provides increased vitality to keep you focused, in flow and well. Photographer: Marvin Meyer | Source: Unsplash