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Leah Kearns

The Power of Being Brave using Consolidation as a Tool

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On a particularly insightful Tuesday right when I started to get a cold I had a massive bout of "consolidateitis". Funnily enough even when I just typed that it auto corrected to consolidate it is.

And IT is so! The next day I knew what we needed to do. You'll find the full list below but in short I've done what was asked and we're still tweaking.

If the energy continues then as a fierce combo of burn it down and consolidate what's left -> evolve -> create -> express; well it perfectly matched with our focus of the month that was Emerge.

For now I'd like to offer some perspective for retrospective consideration...

April last year I was...

List out 5 things that were taking up your focus, weighing on you or were wins you were having.

Now check-in with each of these. How many are evolved, burnt down or are in the process of consolidating in some form and are ready to emerge?

But are you ready?

When it came to me last week to consolidate I was tentative at first and then I felt the full power of possibility available to me as I felt into the perceived difficult aspects of what I was being prompted to take purposeful action with.

Earlier this year and in the same way I have done for many years and in the same vein I know many others do as well, I chose a word of focus or intention for the year. Or actually in effect, it chose me. It fell into my lap from my mind one early morning during my baby feed time.

My word is Brave.

I was advised by my innate wisdom to take a road less travelled with it though. Using it as a prompt to ask myself "what would I do if I was brave?".

Wednesday was the day to see this in action. My experiment was to see if I could have 2 perceivably challenging conversations. Challenging as they both put me right out of my comfort zone in finding completion in 2 different aspects of business relationships I have been tending to for the last 12 months.

Then came 3 more opportunities to be brave in relationships I had been tending to in a similar perspective since April last year as well.

Boy were they tough. Not that they weren't received well. Far from it. Finding my way in one led me to have confidence to find my way through the next, and culminating in the most challenging of all where instead of being about the business' needs, it was about my own emotional, mental and physical well-being and needs. Definitely not something I am very learned in.

Then I saw this clip (below) of my all time fav #fangirl Reese Witherspoon who has also created an awesome and inspiring documentary series with Netflix.

Reese's Speech :: "What do we do now?"

It felt good to be brave.

It felt vitality restoring. It feels as though I am on the tail end of a very long and arduous pattern journey where I am ready to emerge.

Are you ready to as well?