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The definitive answer of what is needed for the Future of Work

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There are many consultants, academics, thought-leaders and change makers who are all speculating about what we need for the Future of Work.

20 years ago when we were concerned about the Y2K bug and the world coming to an end because of technology. We also thought that cars would be self-flying by now and that we'd all have a robot called 'Rosie' a-la Jetson's style...

I need a Rosie... Pic credit

Back then our biggest concern when it came to the Future of Work was technology and which messenger app to use - hello ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! - and which dotcom business was going to be the next to boom.

This was before everything was popped into the cloud. Before the book of Faces had us all under their wing. And wayyyy before buying products, let alone services online, became the way to get the best for what you needed for you, for right now.

When it came to education and learning new skills there were really only 2 paths to take - academia to study or a technical vocation education. With a third formal marginal option that was primarily geared to help you learn skills for hobbies and experienced as in-person courses again aimed at technical skills.

If you wanted to learn about technology for work, it was through plugging away at it playing with your home pc. But the self-taught skills in understanding about technology and making pretty brochures with Publisher didn't always cross over to work and instead for many remained a hobby or interest.

Computerisation and Work/Life

Fast forward 20 years and we now have an entire generation who will never know what living without a computer was like. The impact this has not only on work but also on well-being can be easily seen. Oxford academics published a paper about The Future of Employment and gave their picks of which careers will be forced to swerve onto another course of action given that they are on the extinction list because of automation, artificial intelligence and "the robots". Trends from ten years ago are now being reinforced with an even more recent study by futurist research and analyst company McKinsey & Company where their study found that about 30% of tasks in 60% of occupations could be computerised.

Computerisation 20 years ago meant a more efficient way to share work and ideas. Computerisation now means the evolution of "people" jobs and tasks. Giving them over to the robots to manage with more efficiency and accuracy. This opens up a real opportunity for people to become people with purpose, instead of people with jobs.

The multi-billion dollar question of computerisation therefore is how do we deal with the evolution from people with jobs to people with purpose?

WE-Being sees that one key to competitive advantage and staying in front of the crowd and being able to adapt, change and emerge triumphant through the swamp of ambiguity is to keep our eye on what's emerging. After all, we all know the story about Kodak's massive #fail when they took their eye off the ball.

We've worked up our list of must's and shared it here below to help you with your advantage as well.

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Here's our definitive list of what is needed for the Future of Work::

  1. #Giglife Consultants - Subject Matter Experts, Specialists, Mentors, Leaders and Creators
  2. Skills
  3. Connection

#Giglife Consultants

20 years ago the age old way to tackle what you don't know you don't know was to bring in the consultants. You would engage a subject matter expert who had tried and tested experience. Their experience would help you navigate the murky waters of change so you could see the icebergs ahead of impact and in most cases if your consultant was worth their coin, you'd avoid them completely.

Now days, with #giglife - as this gets referred to in the digital services industry - there's more to hiring a consultant than simply looking at their runs on the board. It requires discernment, due diligence and direction. To hire someone to assist you in your business, you need to at least have a foundational understanding of that part of your business. You need skills.

A #giglife consultant is really a person with purpose who is brilliant at delivering what you need, when you need it. This may happen through outsourcing, out-tasking or hiring as a freelancer or contractor. You need to know their language to achieve the best outcome for your work and well-being.

Life as a #giglife consultant...

It's attractive to give up your burned out career to provide services to help other digital services businesses. The trouble is that now you're not just the person delivering the service. Now you are doing #allthethings from admin to finance to marketing and sales. The biggest role is as the captain steering the ship away from the iceberg that is another bout of burnout or major life event.

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You realise with your Xero screen blinking a big fat loss at you and your husband and kids asking you "are you done yet?" that starting your business isn't all that you thought it would be. You had hoped it would give you flexibility and time back with your family, opportunity to make the money that you had been making for someone else but for yourself now, or even just to help more people because there is a burning inside you that is your passion bubbling just below the surface and that if you didn't get out there and give it a go, that it will spew over like a molten lava volcano.

No one mentioned when you first started joining Facebook business groups that your consistent corporate income, your time of an evening with your partner and kids, would be replaced with feelings of isolation, comparison and overwhelm. You now have a to-do list as long as your arm and you're trading time, money and energy as effort trying to keep up.

What's the alternative?


See the Future of Work isn't only about the #giglife revolution and everyone becoming a freelancer, subject matter specialist working for themselves, or mentor with lived experience who are building businesses around their passion of what they love to teach.

It's about a full blown evolution of embracing your purpose that's underlying your passion and utilising the on-demand sharing economy to upskill with what you need, when you need it. Allowing you the opportunity to create a sustainable experience of work that serves you equally as much as it's serving your clients.

It's about borrowing the brains of the collective to build your #giglife digital business so that it gives you what you wanted from leaving your full-time job or returning to work while being in #mumlife in the first place.

The Future of Work is automation, artificial intelligence and having the robots doing the work for us. It is about the soft skills that create connection, collaboration and possibility with you being healthy, feeling fulfilled and spending your time working in your strengths - work that feeds your body, mind and soul - the work that you're truly connected to and feeds your well-being.

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The Future of Work is where we no longer separate work and well-being but combine them. In doing this, we will be able to go beyond the burnout of passion, to live our lives as people with purpose.

Surrounding yourself with a digital place you can call home - your work + well-being village. Somewhere you can turn up, be yourself and upskill while you're being supported and cheered on with a group of like-minded peers and fellow people with purpose and lives filled-with-possibility creators.

Finding this place is priceless for the future of work. Not only adding to the bottom line benefit of your own experience of work and but also to you as a well-being.

The future is not another 20 years away. The future is now and it starts today with your work + well-being.

If you're ready to upskill to expand your knowledge, get what you need done completed and provide growth for your work while you're also serving your well-being, join us in our digital home and village - WE-Being community.

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