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Leah Kearns

The business well-being Project

business well-being Project 2 min read

At WE-Being, we know that our world and the way society functions in it is evolving.

Being a collective mentoring agency supporting business, well-being and life development wrapped up in personal need, all in the women's business way; we also know it is time to be in business in a different way than we have ever before.

The women's business way is combining the linear, rational, purposeful activating, action taking masculine with the expansive container, concept based, nurturing and aligned direction calling feminine.

At WE-Being, we provide in-person and online skills gap knowledge, mentor-ship, self-evidence based education and conscious connected community supporting women, men and children in their business and life experiences to become the mentors, leaders and well-beings that they are being called to become, and together positively impacting business, family, education, health-care, social and Earth's environmental evolution for generations to come.

It's definitely a "WE" business!

This means we have 3 parts that intersect.

WE-Being Ecosystem of Support


Are our offerings supporting people in business and life transition and personal development growth. This is offered as mentoring - lived experience, embodied education, space holding and self-evidence based information sharing - through private and group sessions and programs, as well as in-person events and sessions.


Is our online, non-censored platform for connection, conscious conversation, online co-working, deep dive topic exploration and also where all our education materials are accessed from and therefore where our course participants and mentors support each other. It gives 2 weeks free when joining, then US$47 a year, so under $70 for 12 months connection and support. It also has waaaay better energetics than a Facebook group too as it's our own space and is specifically maintained for optimal social and individual well-being.


Is our offering we will be taking back to corporate in Feb 2020 based on our well-tech product we're launching soon for "business" called well-beingMetrics™️. This will be similar to our current "business" offering for small and micro business per above but there are some major differences which are sole opportunities for WE-Being's mentor and facilitator network to work with existing wellness and well-being suppliers as an holistic approach to well-being in the workplace. We're making well-being tangible.

The business well-being Project

• Our mission with this project is to support 147 000 people in business in 3 years to become well-beings.

• We believe this creates a positive ripple effect through the world-of-business and the relationships they touch. Bringing about less burnout and stress, translating to reduced absenteeism and presenteeism in your business and at home.

• The business well-being Project is about increasing productivity, connection and over all satisfaction, ease and enjoyment in business, the workplace, homes and wider communities.

• The project is serviced and supported by WE-Being’s Collective Mentoring Agency.