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Leah Kearns

Join the WE-Being team; wellbeing is the corner stone of our work.

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As we go through this time of great change for us all I see two themes emerging for people in their lives and work.

Moving your whole business online

The first is that many people are having to embrace technology in their business and convert their work to be completely online. This can be very challenging and a stressful experience.

WE-Being have been in this space for over five years now. We love helping move business into an online space. There’s nothing better than creating a wholesome experience with your clients in an online home, and we would love to work with you to do just that.

Feeling overwhelmed by what to do with reduced hours

The second is that some people have had their work or hours reduced and are looking for new ways to create. This too can feel really overwhelming and stressful.

Have you thought about taking your lifelong-learned skills and packaging them up into a product that you could share online? We are looking for Creators that would like to work with us. We advocate for creators just like you sharing your genius specifically to help people in business, well-being and life.

What is the WE-Being difference?

WE-Being will work with you to create your course. We will ensure that well-being is a key part of the experience for you and your clients. Right now, more than ever before well- being is a very important piece of how people want to experience learning and growing. Clients want to experience well-being as they learn and implement their new skills.

At WE-Being wellbeing is baked in at every level. We ensure that it is a key ingredient when you're experiencing being a creator with us and creating your course with us. It's baked in to all your client’s experiences and learning. It is baked into our community collective and all our marketing.

Don't worry if you don't feel like you have wellbeing pieces to be able to offer. We find when we work with people that they are already incorporating wellbeing into their work and everyday lives. We work with you to find those little nuggets of gold that enhance your course creating and clients experience. We then help you package up those important skills with your life-long learning.

We would welcome you in becoming a creator with us. We can support you and take you through a very easy process to get your course together within a timeframe of three weeks. We help to package up your skills into something that’s easily digested for people. Then we will host and market your material, and sell it for you.

As the ultimate creator, you have the skills that others are seeking. Right now, you have the level of support and intellect and knowledge that they're really needing to help them get through this critical moment of change. We can support you to create that material you have always wanted to create. We help get it out there in the way of ease.

If you would like us to support you in being the Creator you are then please click this link and get in touch https://ambassador.we-being.com/coursecreator. We would love to support you as you create content that supports and inspires others.

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