How to get the most from the WE-Being Community of colearners

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Our philosophy at WE-Being is about appreciating and experiencing the whole-being: all of ourselves in every moment. It’s about having the presence and awareness of self to make decisions that feel right, play in circles that bring us joy and explore un-apologetically.

We know we’re here to learn and experience work, life, well-being and freedom in the areas of self, home, work, surroundings and wider impact.

Our community space is your invitation to be absolutely, wholly and completely you! All as you learn more about how-to and take actions to make it happen. How you might ask? Let me start with a story about Lego...

In the mid 1990’s Lego developed a model based on studies into how adults develop meaning and community through creative play. They found four active processes through which people learn and form meaning.

They are: playing, sharing, making and thinking.

Our belief is much the same. Too often we get caught in the doings of life and rarely make time to play, share, create or simply, think. So, our answer to the question ‘how can I get the most out of the Community; spend 5 mindful minutes a day online and explore ways in which you lean into these four active processes. Here’s a few tips on how!

1. Playing

Be curious. Start making your way through the platform. Click on different buttons, try different things, introduce yourself. Approach everything with child-like curiosity. We have a heap of Topics to pique your curiosity. Have a scroll and Follow what interests you.

Ask questions. Did you know you can start a poll? Yes! Click on the + icon and select Question or Poll! Ask away and encourage other Community members join in.

Workshops. In the Events tab we host regular workshops to expand your mind, creativity and skills. We’ll always let you know about new events coming up.

2. Sharing

Ponderings. Share a thought in a post or write an article. Simply click the + icon and choose Quick Post or Article.

Practices. We’re always amazed by the work our Community members do! From business owners to corporate professions, Lawyers and Reiki Healers the skills and speciality are vast. Why not share a well-being, business or personal practice that you do in your day? You never know, someone else might just need to hear what you have shared.

Presence. One of our favourite questions to ask, ‘What is present for you right now?’ Post about it! We’d love to hear your successes and share in your moments of process and exploration.

3. Making

Make Connections. This is a conscious colearning community of those on a journey to evolve self. We’ve seen strangers become friends, colleagues become family. The best way to start connecting with others is by engaging in Topics and conversations that interest you! Leave a comment or a heart and start a conversation.

PLUS did we mention we have a specific groups for colearning accountability? It’s the perfect container for those courses or eBook you never quite finished. Join us for a weekly co-learn check-in chat where you can dedicate 45 minutes to learning your something new.  Make space for you!

Become a Course Creator. The ultimate opportunity to make and create from the heart of your experience. Our Course Creator program is how all the Upskill courses came into being with our Creators. Click here to learn more.

4. Thinking

Upskill. Our bite-sized courses for personal and professional development. Learn and develop your skills in all areas of business and life - from living guilt free, to websites and legals.

Voices. One of my favourite activities of an evening is to read. The house is quiet, I'm in my corner sofa with a hot tea in hand and I’m just letting my mind settle into something new. Visit the Voices blog for inspiration in your quiet-tea moments.

So there you have it! This is our invitation to you. Each week find one thing that feels playful, share something present for you, make a new connection, and give your mind space to think and learn.

Are you up for the challenge?

Download the 1-month Community bingo challenge! Complete all tiles within the first month of joining the community, take a photo of you celebrating and share it tagging us in community or on your socials for your chance to win a WE-Being swag bag full of goodies.
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