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Leah Kearns

From Burnout to Upskill

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When I was in burnout for the third time in my life I had just left corporate 6 months before to start my own consulting business.

Burnout came for me because I was not allowing my work to serve me and my well-being. I was too busy serving it.

The digital business space was new to me.

So I was doing it how I'd always done it. I was learning the skills I needed for my growing business from others who had done it before me but something was still missing. I didn't feel good.

  • I was reinventing my work every other month which brought a mountain of work with it each time.
  • I was constantly feeling that working with that coach who said they could give me the full end to end solution was the answer.
  • It felt like as soon as I came up with an awesome idea, concept, or combination of work and start offering it, that I would turn around and see someone else start speaking about something far too similar.
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Burnout was bringing me down and I felt I couldn't keep up.

I started to dream of a way to look after myself while I served my business and my clients. I searched high and low for someone who could show me the way in how to be this.

Nothing. Nada. No-one.

So I became it.

I created WE-Being and our unique learning and support methods to light the way for others to embrace this world where as a person-with-purpose, your work feeds your well-being through the practice of work skills and getting things done with purposeful action.

  • No more separation between work + well-being.
  • No more feeling isolated as this brought me my work village.
  • No need to compare. My practices helped me to hone my uniqueness.
  • New known ways to see, navigate and overcome overwhelm came to me with ease.
I've lived and loved this way of being so much that over the last 4.5 years I have come across others who are willing to embrace their work with well-being also.
My trip up and down the Great Smoky Mountains.
Photographer: Sean Stratton | Source: Unsplash

These are the people I have come to know as the 'Creators'.

At WE-Being we've created the new reality of work with well-being as the 'Creators', where we merge business skills with positive well-being practice.

We love this way of work so much that we've created Upskill as our way of helping you to experience the difference for yourself.

Upskill is the new way of work that takes care of your well-being while you're building your work with only the skills you need. No waste.

Giving you more time, money and energy to be the person-with-purpose that you are.

We're launching Upskill on Sun 17th Nov.

Will you join us outside the box?

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