written by
Leah Kearns

February 2020 Collective Update

5 min read

Word from our Founder and Conscious CEO Leah's desk:

February seems like the new January. The energy that has opened up after this full moon has been so propulsive that it's like being strapped to a rocket being launched into the stratosphere.

Where we had experienced the burn last month (let's stick with the rocket analogy - that was the first stage - see Nasa's notes below), this month seems to be a month of continuing consolidation. It builds on and continues on from the theme of 'using what you have got' that I spoke about in January. The consolidation of ideas, projects, relationships, things in connection to each other, stuff we've been working on for the last 12 months. It's almost like this month is the proving ground with the proof in the pudding which is finally finished baking!

I specifically want to talk about it in the context of digital and technology though.

We've been hearing whispers of some emerging technology in the health field that is along the lines of quantum medicine and digital medicine. This is such positive news for all we have been working towards behind the scenes at WE-Being with our focus firmly on well-being and integrating work + well-being.

It feels that this new phase of these emerging medicines are cracking open the constriction of the containers that they have been limited to and that the light is pouring through creating the new.

Now back to that rocket and what it might mean for you and your work, well as we say werk (work + well-being).

Nasa states that when a rocket is launched...

The first stage is ignited at launch and burns through the powered ascent until its propellants are exhausted. The first stage engine is then extinguished, the second stage separates from the first stage, and the second stage engine is ignited. The payload is carried atop the second stage into orbit.

This is what it feels like to evolve to me. First stage burn then extinguish. Second stage drops away what is no longer needed and by doing so second stage is ignited. The payload being the leading edge of this stage, is then boosted by this momentum and the propulsion is what pulls you through the discomfort of the dropping away.

The key thing about this is what it feels like...

To me it's breakdown to have break through experience, coupled with a take a break right before the break through stage.

What I'm left with each time this happens is:

  • Ease offering greater efficiency
  • Heightened potential for positive impact
  • More vast insight, opportunity and attraction

This repetitious process is what I know as being in the werk.

Each and every time there is the discomfort but if I have enough mindful presence, awareness and mindful management practice in my life and business to be able to see it, know it, touch it and feel it; I can also then allow it to pull me right through the discomfort as the second stage ignites up behind me.

Said another way, this is allowing the water to carry me, rather than clinging from one rock to the next and anticipating with expectation based on what happened before when I moved from that last spot to this one. If I struggle it may well pull me under but if I relax I can float, drift and navigate even the deepest waters without harm. I just need to be brave enough to let go and float (reminds me of my experiences in float tank actually 🤔 or the womb 😆).

Knowing what my go to practices are and what I might have in my toolkit to help support me during these times of transition is so important to me. They are truly what keep me from floating some days! If you're wanting to put together some practical experiences for your toolkit then I encourage you to take our self-paced Positive Impact Challenge I mentioned in our last newsletter. Simply tell Rosie 'take challenge' and she'll direct you right there.

The Power of Launching with the Collective Experience

The other aspect that keeps me floating is being surrounded by a co-network of like-minds and soul family that are walking their paths and holding their own hands alongside me. This is a huge part of our well-being experiences here at WE-Being also - the power of the collective experience that co-creates simply by sharing space, let along thought, ideas, concepts and purposeful action.

In my last email I hinted at upcoming opportunities we are offering you  as a part of our extended community here with WE-Being.

Now there are several that we have planned this year to help you be in business in a more easeful way while you're also taking care of your well-being cause as you know WE-Being create well-being experiences.

You also probably know that we have a social mission to support 147,000 people with purpose to be and become well-beings by Dec 2022.

Did you know that we do this through co-creating with conscious Creators in our co-network to showcase their unique skills, strengths and talents through on-demand and online skill-based learning delivered in our digital home of community.

We call this service Upskill as that’s exactly what it helps our clients be, do and have.

Our Upskill Modules have been specifically designed to support people in their work + well-being. We call this ‘werk’ – see what we did there ᚍ - and we believe that by being in the werk you not only implement with purposeful action but you also create mindful business and life management and self-led and guided practices to support your professional and life development, wrapped up in personal need.

Our Creators are heart-centred, conscious, connected beings and just from the fact that you are receiving this news update, we know you would really align with what we are creating together.

If you’re interested in finding out more on being a Creator with WE-Being, here’s our information page with our third stage offering for easeful business - the Digital C.E.O. Course Creators Retreat.

Pic of the ants above was taken in my pantry and just made me pause a moment to see an even greater power of the collective and what's possible when we are individuals together, each creating our own impact together.

Oh and to us C.E.O. stands for...

C = Creator

E = Experiencer

O = Originator

And I would love nothing more than to see you Activate as the C.E.O. that you are and become an Upskill Course Creator - what will you create ?