3 Reasons Why #AllTheThings is the Real Reason You're Struggling

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  • Find yourself running around in circles all the time
  • Your do list is never-ending
  • #allthethings all the time = #bridgetoburnout
  • Shiny Object Syndrome : the new FOMO

When we come up against these list of struggles, the challenge is real. They keep us trapped in overwhelm; isolated from our peers, colleagues, friends and families; and going around again stuck in comparison and reaching for the chocolate or virtual candy with the mind distracting game of Candy Crush.

How do we get to this point? What is it that we can pinpoint to spot for next time so we don't end up there wandering around the snacks aisle of life, instead of getting to enjoy the ten course degustation meal at our leisure in of our own version of success.

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1. Integrating Professional and Personal Needs

It is a really common feeling to be continually looking for answers to solve our business and personal development training needs. We often think that this or that will be the answer to that particular problem. On occasion, we do strike it lucky and do find the answers we have been looking for.

List of #allthethings
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Being in business, having a family, a social life as well as personal interests and hobbies we often do feel like we are doing #allthethings! If you wrote down a mega list of all your obligations, responsibilities, desires, dreams and wishes - it would no doubt be a tremendously long list. In the Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Overwhelm we talked about many strategies for managing life when it feels too much!

It can be exceptionally easy to fall into Shiny Object Syndrome - all the webinars, all the tools and platforms that are competing for and demanding our attention. We look for tools to help our business in terms of marketing or graphic design or finance. Generally, we also look for a solution that covers all aspects of a category. For example, if we look at marketing there are so many sub-areas including advertising, copywriting, branding, messaging etc. It is like we are looking for the ultimate all in one solution to all of our problems.

When looking at our personal development and mindset needs we look to a variety of techniques including tapping or journalling or meditation.

Learning #allthethings
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2. Supporting Both Your Personal and Professional Needs

What if, we consider a different way of being and learning? What if we look at integrating our business and personal development needs as a way of Upskilling our lives? Many of us tend to search for answers for our professional needs and personal needs quite separately and distinctly. A new approach could be looking at both professional and personal needs holistically.

It seems to be the continual striving for answers that are separate - work vs personal. However, many of us are also realising that what happens at work and home affects the other. Therefore what happens at home impacts our personal lives and likewise what happens at home impacts our professional lives. Consider long work hours, they directly impact the time we have to spend with ourselves, families and friends. Conversely, if we have a sick family member our concern for that person will likely impact our ability to focus.

If we look at the work and personal aspects of our lives being integrated, that also means that we look at how we do #allthethings differently as well. As part of this, we also need to carefully evaluate the people we learn from - are they walking the walk and being in life the way we are showing up and wanting to show up? This means we need to carefully consider the choices we make in how we learn.

3. Easy to Learn and Implement

Experiential learning is widely recognised as being a highly effective form of learning. Essentially, through knowledge acquisition, practice and reflection new information is holistically integrated into our beings. The reflective aspect of learning is often where the personal needs are met.

Even in learning something that appears on the surface to be solely in the domain of business skills and expertise, personal development can be incorporated and successfully achieved. This is a key difference in learning offered through Upskill. Our trainings specifically focus on one single area rather than #allthethings. Our creators have been carefully selected for their ability to provide specific business teachings whilst supporting mindset and personal development needs simultaneously. And finally, the learnings are readily accessible and able to be easily implemented in both your life improving your well-being all round.

Our first modules are due to be released on the 17 November. Pre-register here!

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