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Create Effortless Growth In Your Business With A Customer First Approach To Operations and Marketing

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Traditionally business owners focus their operations and marketing efforts on generating conversions and sales, rather than putting their customer first. It often looks like this: Strategies are developed, audience personas are created, websites are built, products and services are marketed, clients are converted. The cycle continues.

For some this works, it is enough for them in their business, and that’s okay.

However, for others, their well-being can take a major hit in the process of working. They struggle with balance, finding time for professional development, connection is something of the past, and feelings of isolation grow every day.

Business may not be sustainable. Growth may be stagnant. Work-related challenges that once seemed invigorating are now overwhelming.

Does this sound like you?

What if I could tell you there is another way?

If we just change our focus, we can find another way to grow our business that is effortless – and it’s right in front of us: our customers.

If we look at how our customers interact with and experience our business and product or service, and genuinely try to help them feel happier and more satisfied, then we will see amazing growth start to happen, almost on its own.

You don’t have to continuously create new products or services, continually question why sales aren't growing, continuously review data that fails to deliver.

All you have to do is walk the path of your customer on a regular basis and make tweaks to see remarkable changes to your work – and your wellbeing.

Why put your customer first?

Think of yourself as a customer.

How did you feel when you had a great experience with a product or when something happened that went above and beyond your expectations? Happy, impressed, satisfied?

Would you return? Would you recommend? Would you rave? Yes, yes, yes!

Now, let’s flip it – how did you feel when you had a terrible experience with a product or when you sought support or answers and you didn’t get any? Resentful, let down, angry?

Would you return? Would you recommend? Would you rave? No, no, no!

If we continuously aim to meet our customers’ expectations and deliver positive experiences, then the flow-on will occur organically.

Customers will continuously return, recommend, and rave.

So, I hear you quietly ask yourself, how do I improve my customers' experience and adopt a customer first approach to business and marketing?

Here are 2 simple, yet powerful, ideas for you to implement today!

1. Add unexpected value

When you contact customers, throw in some unexpected value that adds to their experience. It could be a special discount coupon code, a secret bonus download, a free sample of your product.

2. Check your tone

It's not about what you say, but rather how you say it.

When you connect with a customer (via email, through social media, or on your website) use words that resonate with them and generate value in your brand. Try to pre-empt anxieties and address reservations, and be your authentic self rather than push sales.

Take a customer first approach and optimise your customer experience to grow your business effortlessly

Start with undertaking an audit of how they interact with your business and make simple changes that will result in significant improvements to your business.

Through the Optimising Your Customer Experience Upskill course you will learn the basics of the customer experience and how to walk the path of YOUR customers to see how they engage with YOUR business.

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