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5 Ways to Consider your Well-being

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Well-being is something we are often aspiring towards but what does it mean?

We define well-being as having a sense of meaning or purpose, health, happiness and prosperity. It is feeling well as a whole being. This includes in the physical, emotional mental and spiritual sense. I observed that compartmentalising and separating out each aspect of well-being makes our lives more complicated.

In designing and developing WE-Being, it’s a company that aims to holistically support your well-being and your work. We do this through understanding your personal and professional development needs. We teach, coach and mentor you to become the Leader you are here to be.

There are 5 main aspects to well-being ::

  • Self
  • Home
  • Work
  • Surroundings
  • Wider Impact

When you choose one of these aspects to focus your development on, you begin to see that aspect mirrored in some way into each of the other aspects. This realisation creates freedom and the ability for you to flow with cultivating your well-being. Being able to realise that this is possible with well-being is a time saver. It helps you regain and boost your energy. This is the process of realisation.

Ripple Effect - Photographer: Yoann Boyer | Source: Unsplash

Using realisation to power your well-being

When you focus on one aspect and begin to enact change, it causes a ripple effect to the next aspect, and the next across your whole being. Rippling out from that first aspect, you can take your initial learning and leverage your new knowledge.

Below is an example of learning a new skill like mapping your customer experience and using what you gained for change in other areas of your life.


Reflect and see how experiences I have everyday effect those around me. I can see what I might need as support through taking my new mapping skill and mapping what my ideal week looks like, just as I mapped our customers ideal experience. Now I am using this skill to see things I can do that can help boost my week and my energy. It also helps me identify things in my week that are dragging me down.


Just like I did with Self, I now focus on my home life. I focus on our family life and the experiences available to us to have our ideal week.


Reflect on how my experiences at work effect me and those around me. I can map those things in my usual work week that help boost my week and others that drag it down. I can look at this from a broader angle and look at these things at a team level and how they connect together. Customer experience is part of this reflection and I map out the changes we can make to increase both our experience and the experience of those we work with.


Reviewing my surroundings involves zooming out to my wider circle. This includes friends, local community, or our community of clients we hold space for over in community and my workplace. It also includes the physical environment, I love to get out into the outdoors on the weekend. I am now having realisations I otherwise wouldn’t have by utilising my new mapping skill and considering what shows up.

Wider Impact

Finally I reflect on the wider impact I am having as a person contributing to humanity and the potential of what I might bring. This has all begun from simply wanting to develop my skill of customer experience mapping and from having an understanding of the way clients have an experience with my companies.

Well-being is a little like the first landing on the moon. “A small step for man, but a giant step for man kind”. Creating change in one aspect of your well-being will have a ripple affect across your whole being. When looking at your well-being remember that small changes can have a big impact on both your well-being and your life.

We would love to hear what aspect you start with and what changes come up for you?

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