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4 Cornerstones to Make Work-From-Home Work Well

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Solitude is a state of being alone. Isolation is a lack of emotional and social connection. Loneliness is craving social connection.

Self-isolation is not emotional and social isolation

With the rise in mass media, government and community attention to COVID-19 and many going into self-isolation; it's important that we as a community are mindful to remember that it is also a time of worry, anxiety and fear of the unknown for those around us in our workplace experience.

Self-isolation is not an emotional or social isolation but it can be if you're not keeping an eye on your well-being. One of the ways you can be tripped up is turning to social media for connection but where every second thing you’re seeing is about COVID-19 it can tend to become overwhelming, especially when you then have to sit and work in solitude all day.

It's our understanding that self-isolation is about physical separation with the intention that if the only thing you can do right now to help others is keep yourself at home, then do that.

Now more than ever it is imperative that we as a collective focus our intent on self-isolation that empowers connection.

Connection to self, connection to what really matters for us, connection to our community, peers and colleagues powered by technology, connection with projects long put on the back burner. Having the opportunity to remote work or work-at-home can gift you this and so much more while still taking care of your workload and responsibilities if approached mindfully.

Connection when it counts

Overcoming Isolation

If you're making the transition to work-at-home, here's 4 ways we recommend to overcome feelings evoked with physical separation like the sense of loss, displacement or disconnection that are often experienced when remote working or in work-at-home situations.

  1. Burnout Check-In
  2. Experiment with New Ways
  3. Be a Business Leader Beacon
  4. Find your Village

Burnout Check-In

It's easy to blur the lines when you are working at home. Sure you might start the day with business up the top and party down the bottom when it comes to clothing but you're also more likely to start earlier, work through lunch and finish later; especially if your team are needing time off.

Making sure you don't end up with burn out or a lowered immune system from over working tops our list of priorities with well-being when it comes to work-at-home life. A great way to monitor this is to set a simple timer on your phone for 45-90 min work blocks.

Once the timer goes off, get up and move about to your favourite tune, make a cuppa or plug on a load of washing for 5-10 mins.

Experiment with New Ways

Always thought you'd be more productive if you could only have a 20 min power nap at your desk at lunch? After all Google are amoungst a raft of global companies who do it. Now's your chance to give it a try!

Set yourself an experiment for the week to observe what happens to your productivity, your state of mind, your focus on your work if you take a 20 min power nap when you feel you need it most in the day.

Not a napper? What about meditation, stretches, or even a fresh air break with a wander round the garden.

Take advantage with this new way of work you've been handed as an opportunity to embrace as a lifestyle change to really allow you to set your own pace.

Be a Business Leader Beacon

While you're trying new ways, why not trial some new meeting styles. Perhaps something quicker, more collaborative or adopting or adapting some tech that you know might just do the trick.

Put it forward to a group of your colleagues or peers who you identify with as fellow business leaders. Experiment, test it out and make it your way together. Once you've found a format, a style, a process or methodology share your wins with your team, your clients or other senior leaders. Encourage others to take up the initiative showing them the clear benefits of why it's more easeful, productive, or purposeful for them.

One meeting style we've been trialling is running the online meeting for only as long as it takes everyone to make and drink a cuppa. This keeps everyone on track and it's an ever faster version of the stand up meeting that we know and love! Don't mind the messy kitchens though 😬😂

Find Your Village

We all know the adage, you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with when it comes to emulating success. But what if the same can be true for experiencing an experience of work-at-home that works well where you become a well-being through your experiences?

In the same way as the ‘success’ theory amplifies strengths and values of those around you, in business, this mirrors the family and village environment when it comes to well-being.

In a village, there are different types of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, abilities and skills that come together to work towards like-minded goals. A work + well-being community like community.WE-Being does this also.

It’s not just about having a sense of belonging with like-minded goals and interests in a village, but about finding connection, inspiration, and knowledge; and from there – mindful, meaningful and purposeful productivity.

Try the 'Make and Drink a Cuppa' "Stand Up" Meeting Style

At WE-Being we’re taking this unique opportunity in our global history to move beyond crisis mode and experiment with even more ways to enable conscious connection for our community in order to support them to become and be a stabilised force in their communities as well-beings. We'll be activating this over the coming 2 weeks with our community. Instead of calling it self-isolation, we’re simply calling it ‘Self’ time.

Not only do we have a space for our members to connect through our own social media space, we also have a dedicated community manager for our space, so if you need anything just give us a shout.

Because isolation is one of the biggest things we tackle with remote and work-at-home business owners, workers and parents we also offer on-demand conscious coworking in our digital coworking space (upgrade membership), but we also have on-demand need specific work + well-being short-courses at affordable rates without having to commit weeks on topics and subjects you don’t need.

Put Netflix on rotation between upgrading your professional and business skills like finally getting your website made, your branding where you want it to be, appreciating and preparing to create legal contracts that care or an understanding of your complete customer experience so you can get on with helping more people and becoming the leader in your community that you’re here to be.

Or focus your Self time on your personal needs clearing your energetic blocks creatively, cultivating your voice wisdom and learning to speak up and out, finding your passion and purpose, gaining greater self-awareness or even creating your body-of-work.

No need to feel lonely in your Self time, come and connect with conscious community.

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