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3 Techniques To Transform Your Well-Being By Clearing Energetic Blocks to Help you Move Forward

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Have you felt ready for something new and big in life or work but something just seems to keep holding you back? You likely could have energetic blocks which are preventing you from transformation.

This article is an invitation to take a deeper dive in to your heart centre, to be more in the present moment and for you to build a stronger connection with all that you are.

In the journey of life there can be obstacles that could appear as programs or beliefs within you that may be limiting you in fully accessing to the infinite pool of all that you are. It's all part of the human experience!

I want to share 3 techniques which can offer you a greater sense of empowerment, clarity and flow and can be experienced within you, and which with your allowance can then ripple out in to all aspects of your life including your business and career.

Let's explore the following three techniques which are part of my 'Cleansing Emotional & Energetic Blocks' course with WE-Being Upskill.



By bringing awareness to our breath and consciously taking in deeper breaths in to the core, messages are sent to the brain to promote relaxation through the reduction of cortisol (adrenaline base hormones) to balance out the fight and flight response.


  1. Gently close your eyes if this feels comfortable for you or keep them open as you gaze at an object around you.
  2. Bring your awareness to your natural breath without altering your breath in any way.
  3. Be present with how you are breathing by observing each inhalation and exhalation.
  4. Focus on the areas of your body that expand upon inhalation and the areas that relax upon exhalation.
  5. Allow each inhalation to be a little more deeper than the last inhalation while allowing the exhalation to be a little drawn out than the last exhalation.
  6. Visualise each breath relaxing you more deeply while you welcome the inhalations more deeply in to the core / belly.
  7. At anytime of the day you can bring awareness to your breath to connect more in to the present moment.
I love experiencing 'pause' moments out in nature to connect in with my breath and tune in with nature.



Activating clearer energetic pathways in the body through Kinesiology techniques can help to release energetic blocks stored in meridians (energy pathways in the body linked to organs and systems), acupuncture points (energy points along the meridians) and neurovascular points (areas around the brain).

EXERCISE: - ESR POINTS (the Emotional Stress Release points)

When we are feeling stressed and are in a ‘flight and fight’ response to an obstacle, our body reacts in many ways to reflect this emotional stress. Our breath quickens and becomes shallow and we experience butterflies in the stomach as the adrenaline hormone cortisol is released to ‘get us out of trouble’. Blood rushes from the stomach to the back brain (occipital lobe) to fuel this part of the brain responsible for past and irrational thinking.

“What have I seen, done or heard in the past that has supported me (or ancestors) in getting out of a similar situation?!” What we have seen, done or heard in the past may not be a current or relevant choice in how we wish to interact or react to a particular situation. By holding the hand at the forehead, we are bringing the blood from the occipital lobe to the frontal cortex connected to present tense and rational thought.

This also balances out the stomach meridian points at the forehead which brings blood back to the stomach and eases the fight and flight response. This exercise encourages deeper breaths and grounds us as in Chinese Medicine the stomach is connected to the earth element and also connected to our needs and feelings of contentment and satisfaction.

  1. Place your hand gently at your forehead while taking in deep breaths in to the belly.
  2. When the ‘butterflies in the stomach’/nervous system starts to subside/reset, remove your hand (around 5 mins depending on emotional state).
An example of me demonstrating the ESR POINTS holding exercise



By connecting to the electromagnetic frequency of the earth, we can balance out our electromagnetic field which reduces inflammation by defusing excess positive electrons; reduces chronic pain; improves sleep; increases energy; lowers stress and promotes calmness by reducing stress hormones.

With exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) from devices such as phones, TV, computers, WiFi and microwaves, the influx of these EMF’s creates an increase in free radicals and positive electrons. Free radicals are often missing a molecule and in order to make itself complete it will try to attach itself onto other molecules in our body, which can damage our cells and harm our DNA.

By immersing ourselves in nature, we connect in to the earth frequency to eradicate a build up of electromagnetic radiation to allow flow. In nature we also expose ourselves to negative ions which increases serotonin (happy hormone) in the body.


  1. Go outside in a place that represents purity of nature for you. It could even by your backyard where you have access to a tree, plant, grass, dirt.
  2. Remove your shoes to have bare feet touching the ground or place your hands on the earth or a plant.
  3. Imagine that this natural form holds energy and feel it interacting with your energy.
  4. Allow the electromagnetic frequency or energy of the plant or earth to absorb any toxic build up of electromagnetic radiation in your body.
  5. Allow yourself to deeply connect in with this space by closing your eyes and focus on taking deep breaths.
I love to practicing 'grounding' in the garden!

I truly honour your openness in exploring these techniques and choosing to 'fill your cup up' with nourishment to then over flow that onto others.

“Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life.” Joni Eareckson Tada

To explore more supportive techniques similar to these and wholehearted experiences to help you when it comes to 'Cleansing Emotional & Energetic Blocks' connect with me via my WE-Being Upskill course.

You'll not only have access to techniques helping you implement new skills in your work or life but also uplifting your well-being at the same time through WE-Being's unique course learning methodology. In addition, you'll be surrounded by a conscious community as you move through the materials and also have direct access to me via the digital learning centre so you can tag me to ask me questions at anytime during working through the module.

Please feel welcome to connect in with me for further clarity around the exercises or to share your experiences.

With appreciation,