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Leah Kearns

3 Steps to Creating your Body-of-Work

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The last straw on the day I decided to leave corporate consulting was a Sunday evening where I was sitting on my balcony crying cause my soul was purging the deep sea of conflict that was overflowing as overwhelm inside me.

That was now 4.5 years ago... and it was the ninety degree turn that lead me to what became Creating your Body-of-Work.

From that place of overwhelm I stumbled on a course of intuition and overnight I realised that we all had it, it was just that we had forgotten. Now I knew what had been trying to get my attention to bring on repression and depression that I was experiencing. I went from being a lost soul to an isolated one.

I was done napping. I was now woke.

I was stumbling around failing fast, learning and finding my way. Being engulfed on a daily basis with self-doubt and a sense of aloneness even though I was well supported in my life with family and friends.

This was the experience of awakening to my true potential and the beginning of consciously creating my body-of-work.

What came next...

My next chapter came to life with a rapid advancement to become a business mentor and metaphysician at only 33 - seeing and experiencing the world from the macro view with all the intricacies of connection between all the different end points. Realising and understanding that it wasn't about the end point but was instead about the relationship between the two or multiple interconnected end points.

The birth of being...

This expansive view led me to vision and birth WE-Being. WE-Being is work + well-being experienced in conscious connected community.

No more isolation. Learning how to navigate overwhelm. Beginning to cure the collective craziness in my modern world experience of comparison.

What I experienced was restored vitality, increased awareness and finding my way and living "inspiritus". These are guiding lessons that underpin all we bring to life with our conscious Creators at WE-Being. They are the foundation of our learning and support space "Upskill".

As the first creator at WE-Being, I wanted to share my process of bringing a lifetime of experience to life as a consolidated and shareable knowledge base, so you can experience your vision to grow and thrive in your work paired with well-being and offering your clients the next evolution of your work through Creating your Body-of-Work.

Steps for Creating your Body-of-Work...

  1. Reflect - who are you, what have you experienced, what skills, hard won knowledge and inner wisdom might you share?
  2. Timeline - track back through the years and timeline the key points of impact, the lessons and what you learnt from your experiences.
  3. Key Topics - categorise all your info into up to 5 buckets as key topics.

From there you can flesh out the key points - 3 in each key topic and 3 further sub-topics. The easiest way to do this is through mind mapping. A great tool for that is Power Point using the org chart function, or simply grab a pen and paper and get mapping!

As a woke or awakening entrepreneur ready to werk* with your vision as an emerging mentor and leader - let's get to werk Creating your Body-of-Work!

*werk - verb. being as the collective experience in your work ("we-being"); having 360 degree holistic consideration of what, why, how, where and when your work positively impacts others; "we-being" in the work.


is an on-demand work + well-being short course service providing professional development wrapped up in individual need. We help you assess your business needs and provide you with tailored options that match your next move in your business skills development experience.

All our modules are designed to care for your well-being while you get the work done. By completing the learning and skill development module you'll be implementing as you go, gaining confidence, experience and ticking off your to-do list. You'll also be taking care of your well-being with integrated practices during the module, creating mindfulness, a sense of calm and allowing you to be more as you do more, without needing to find time to meditate or take even more time-out that you don't feel you have.

Leah Kearns

Founder, Conscious CEO and work + well-being Consultant at WE-Being

“Encouraging you to trust your Self and test all your assumptions in life.”

Leah is an intuitive visionary leading the future of work, supporting people becoming well-beings through work + community.

As the head of mentoring with her consultancy company WE-Being, Leah provides professional development through personal need - delivered as on-demand online short courses, events, and experimenting and measuring through client self-implementation and self-assessment, as well as community support.

Living with Endometriosis and the chronic fatigue that comes from illness and high stress environments has been a huge catalyst in Leah’s healing and personal growth journey with the turning point being a corporate escapee from her big business consulting gig in 2015 and helping her to heal through her return to Self and developing Creating your Body-of-Work through her lived and learnt experience.

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